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2021 Scholarship Recipients

Faith Adams - Central High School, Phenix City, AL
Columbus State University

Ashton Bridges - Central High School, Phenix City, AL
Troy University

Keltrick Jakes - Central High School, Phenix City, AL
Alabama A&M University

Nakoria Martin - Central High School, Phenix City, AL
Alabama A&M University

Precious Johnson-Merritt - Central High School, Phenix City, AL
Chattahoochee Valley Community College

Eli Sommer - Cox Mills High School, Concord, NC
High Point University


Scholarship Recipients
(Past and Present)

Cobb Global Outreach Inc. congratulates all of the 2023 scholarship award recipients! We wish you much success on your future endeavors.

Recipient Testmonials

"The Cobb Global Outreach scholarship graciously offered me a hand of financial assistance through a relatively simple application process. Since receiving my scholarship funds, I have used them to purchase all the required books in all my classes (a bill of more than $700). The remaining funds have not yet been used, but I will most likely use them to pay for small expenses such as snacks and other groceries or the cost of laundry. The Cobb Global Outreach program is aware of the increasing cost of college and the pressure it places upon students, and they are making an active effort to mitigate this pressure through its generous scholarship foundation. This assistance has helped both other students and myself to focus on what truly matters when at college—self-betterment and education"  - Dalton Goodson (2022 Recipient)

"The Cobb Global Outreach Scholarship will allow me to purchase the textbooks I need for the courses I am taking this year. I'm incredibly grateful to have the support of Cobb in order to focus entirely on my classes without having to worry how I will afford the material necessary for success. I am able to learn from some of the brightest people in their field and engage with the courses on a deeper level without added stress thanks to this opportunity. College is a difficult transition for any family, but I know my family appreciates the support of Cobb’s scholarship as I move across the country to pursue an invaluable education. Without the added burden of class materials, I’m able to visit home more frequently without worrying over the expense. On a personal note, I know there are people who believe in my and my future successes which is an incredible feeling." - Alana Esposito (2022 Recipient)

"I was a recipient of the Cobb Global Outreach scholarship and I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity to help with my college tuition. It’s been a huge help especially since HU is a private institution. This scholarship means the world to me as I am currently a student matriculating through Howard right now — It’s a great help, especially when it comes to dental school following my undergrad years. Being awarded this scholarship means that someone believed in me and my journey, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. I look forward to achieving and striving for my future goals!" - Cambria Johnson (2022 Recipient)

"I would like to thank Cobb Global Outreach for selecting me as a scholarship recipient. Receiving this scholarship has helped my family and me cover the cost of some tuition throughout my freshman year of college. Being from a low-income family it is hard
even considering a higher education due to a lack of funds. When informed that I was a recipient of the scholarship it motivated me to work harder. I’m currently a sophomore attending Alabama A&M University majoring in Civil Engineering. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue my education and spread information about Cobb Global to other students. I encourage others to apply so they can have the same opportunity as me." - Keltrick Jakes (2021 Recipient)

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