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Asked Questions

Where do I send my application?

Applications can be uploaded via website.

When is my application due?

Depending on your high school, dates may vary.

Who is responsible for uploading the complete application?

 The student.

What are the recommendations of the faculty members of your high school that will be accepted?

Letters on official letterhead only, including the faculty member contact information.  For example, the teacher's email address and phone number.


When will I be notified and expect to receive the money?

You will be notified via email by May and all recipients will receive their funds by July.

Can I used Zelle to send my donation?

Yes, you can send your donations to cobbglobaloutreachinc@gmail.com

For the first two years all monies donated will go to scholarships.  After two years, 90% of donated money will go to scholarships and 10% will go to salaries and expenses.

What will my donation be used for?

How can I sponsor a high school?

Want to sponsor a high school, please submit an email to (contact@cobbglobaloutreachinc.com). 

Which schools are eligible for this scholarship?

2021- Central High School and Cox Mill High School.

2022- Central High School, Cox Mill High School, and Norcross High School